The restaurant

The kitchen, completely renewed, is cured in the tastes of the Veneto cooking and the Italian typical kitchen.

It offers low cost ang good taste lunches. For numerous comitive and groups, for families and single persons.

Pleasant and airy hall with classified tables or for family or comitive. Ready service and very cured.

Our menus for groups (least 20 people)

Menu 20€

  • Baked Lasagna
  • Roasted Pork with "Herbs of The Monastery"
  • Mixed Seasonal Vegetables 
  • Ice Cream Dessert
  • Water - House Wine
  • Coffee
  • Taste of "Monk Liquor"

Menu  23€

  • Filled homemade Pastry 
  • Pasta Amatriciana
  • Rabbit in "Cacciatora sauce" and  Polenta
  • Mixed Seasonal Vegetables
  • Ice-cream Dessert
  • Water -Hous Wine
  • Coffee
  • Taste of "Monk Liquor"

Fish Menu 25€

  • Pike in saor sauce and Polenta   
  • Pasta with Sardines
  • Salmon Trout Fillet with baked,garnished dill Potatoes in crust
  • Mixed Sasonal Vegetables
  • Ice-cream Dessert
  • Water-House Wine
  • Coffee
  • Taste of "Monk Liquor"

Menu 28€

  • Mixed Salami with pickles
  • Baked Lasagna
  • Tortellini of Valeggio in Buttter and sage
  • Braised Beef and Polenta
  • Mixed Salad
  • Ice-cream and Chocolate sauce
  • Water- House Wine
  • Coffee
  • Taste of "Monk Liquor"